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Where can I find information about taking my pet abroad?

The first port of call, if you are travelling from the UK, is to research the Pets Travel Scheme (or PETS for short), which allows you to travel throughout Europe with your pet and not have to place your pet in quarantine. You can pick up a leaflet on the PETS scheme from your local vet or post office or visit DEFRA - the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Your pet will require injections, including a vaccination against rabies, a microchip, a blood test and approved documentation before it travels. Plus, it is essential that pet insurance is in place prior to any animal travelling. You will need to start planning at least seven months ahead of your trip.

It is always advisable to check before travelling abroad as to whether or not your pet will be welcome. Contact the hotels, resorts, restaurants in the region where you will be staying to see if they offer ‘pet-friendly’ facilities. Fellow pet owners or friends may also be able to offer advice. Remember to check if your chosen mode of transport will accommodate your pet. Some countries may have specific regulations regarding the transportation of pets.

Do not forget to take lots of water for the journey – and be aware that although you may find foreign travel interesting and relaxing, your pet may find it stressful.