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Where can I find information about pets and human health?

The PHC leaflet, ‘Pets and The Family’, offers valuable advice on living together with a pet in a healthy environment. No-one lives in a totally germ-free environment so basic hygiene and cleanliness, starting with hand-washing will help to eliminate the risk of picking up many common infections, and the less common infections. Also, have a look at any of the PHC leaflets for the ‘Four Golden Rules of Successful Pet Ownership’:

  1. Follow a preventive health programme for your pet that includes:- a good diet- regular exercise- worming- vaccination- annual veterinary check ups
  2. Make sure that your pet has its own bed and that feeding bowls are kept clean and separate from your own.
  3. Always wash your hands after handling your pets.
  4. Dog owners should always use a poop scoop. Be sure to ‘bag it and bin it’!