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Where can I find information about getting a pet from a rescue home or adopting a pet?

Adopting a pet from a shelter or home can be very rewarding for both you and your pet – you add a new member to your family, while at the same time you are saving a life. Consider the following when you look into this option:

  1. Your vet should be able to supply contact details of organisations and shelters in your area.
  2. You are usually required to have an interview where the procedure can be explained in more detail and you have the chance to ask questions too.
  3. When going to view a pet, it is often a good idea to take the rest of your family with you as well – this allows you to judge how the animal will react with people of different ages and genders. This is particularly important when children are involved.
  4. Consider re-homing an older pet, where the character may be known and is probably already trained.