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Is there any advice available to me for selecting the right kennel/cattery?

Your local vet, the Yellow Pages and pet magazines should all be able to provide addresses for kennels and catteries in your area. You could also contact the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) for advice on catteries.

It is usually a good idea to contact the kennel / cattery first and ask to be sent a brochure. It is then advisable to go and visit, so you can have a look round and get a feel for the place – this should be the standard procedure for any reputable boarding house.

Below are some tips you should bear in mind when viewing to ensure that your pet has a healthy and happy stay:

  1. It is very important to discuss insurance – will your pet be covered throughout its stay or might you be faced with huge veterinary bills upon your return?
  2. Enquire as to whether your pet requires any additional vaccinations before entering the kennel. ‘Kennel cough’ is a very common condition that dogs can easily pick up with they are in close contact with other dogs, just like human ‘flu. Any good kennel owner will usually insist that your pet has been vaccinated.
  3. Take any current medication that your animal is receiving to the kennel or cattery with a note explaining the condition and the correct dosage for your pet. Also provide the details of your own vet, incase the animal becomes unwell while there.
  4. Inspect the exercise areas. Pets need proper exercise and should not be left sitting or standing in compound areas.
  5. It is recommended that you book in advance.
  6. Although your vet may not be able to recommend boarding facilities, he / she may know of the more popular ones in your area.