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Choosing a Pet

How do I pick the right breed for my family?

For some useful hints and tips look at the PHC leaflet, ‘Choosing a Pet’. Here are some of the main points to think about:

  1. Before deciding which type of pet to buy, you need to think about your lifestyle and how a pet would fit into your daily routine.
  2. If you’re out all day, or keep irregular hours, a cat is a better choice than a dog.
  3. Choose a pet that will reflect your family’s personalities e.g. if you have exuberant children, make sure your pet is not timid.
  4. Check before you buy a dog how big it will be when it’s fully grown and choose a pet that will fit within your budget.
  5. Boarding kennels or catteries, veterinary bills, pet insurance, feeding and grooming are some of the costs you should bear in mind.
  6. Consider re-homing an older pet, whose character may be known and may already be trained.